One-Link is a single point of access for referrals to 10 Addiction and Mental Health Service Providers funded by the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network.

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Questions about one-Link?

Please call our toll free line at 1-844-216-7411
or 905-338-4123

Frequently Asked Questions

Is one-Link operating now?

One-Link is currently processing referrals between the 10 Service Providers as well as those received from Primary Care physicians.  We will continue to expand our access in the spring of 2017.

Will one-Link be available 24/7?

The one-Link system will not be available 24/7 but will run on extended business hours to provide referrals at times that are best suited for the individual. One-Link is not a crisis service or distress line. We will direct you to one of these services when they are more appropriate for your current need. If you are feeling unsafe towards yourself or towards others, please go to your nearest emergency department.

What geographic area does one-Link cover?

One-Link supports all individuals living in the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network boundaries. Major cities are Mississauga, Oakville, Southwest Etobicoke, Milton and Georgetown. The catchment includes Moffat to the west, Mississauga to the east, Lake Ontario to the south and Ballinafad to the north. We understand people will be referred to us who reside outside of these boundaries and we will ensure that they get connected to the support needs within their community.

Is one-Link confidential? How will you ensure my privacy?

One-Link is operated by Halton Healthcare System and governed by privacy legislation. An individual’s privacy is ensured through the secure referral system that has been developed to work between the Service Providers. You can learn more about your rights and privacy here.

Will I need my doctor or social worker to refer me to one-Link?

Although physicians and other community professionals will be the main referrers to one-Link, anyone can make a referral by visiting one of the service providers, or over the phone or website.  Please contact us at 1-844-216-7411 if you or someone you care about is experiencing mental health and addictions challenges.

Please note referrals for hospital based Psychiatric consultation or for the Eating Disorders Program a physician referral and OHIP billing number is required. If you do not have a doctor a one-link service coordinator can assist with this process.

Why can’t my doctor refer me to the Service Provider I need?

It is difficult for busy doctors to stay up to date about the different services and supports that are available to people with mental health and addictions concerns. The one-Link team is continuously updated about these organizations to ensure they provide referrals to the best available supports. Referring straight to one-Link will make it easier.

Will one-Link be able to understand me well enough to provide an accurate referral?

One-Link Service Coordinators are extensively trained in a standardized phone intake and assessment process using questions specific to addiction and mental health related needs. They have a comprehensive understanding of the services across the system so that they are able to make reliable referrals to the supports you need.

Will I be able to call one-Link on behalf of someone I know?

Absolutely. Our team will help you learn about the best resources available for that person and the process they will need to follow if they are ready to take this step. One-Link can provide valuable referrals for you, too. There are terrific community supports for people whose loved ones are experiencing mental health and addictions concerns.

Isn’t one-Link just one more step I have to go through to get the help I need?

One-Link enables coordinated, equal access to make it possible for clients and families to receive the right care, at the right time and in the right place. By eliminating the guesswork and confusion about where one should go, the one-Link referral process will make it easier for people to get to the right service provider and allow for supports when there is a wait time.

Does one-Link represent all of the mental health and addiction services that are available?

One-Link provides referrals and waitlist supports to the Service Providers that are currently funded by the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network, with the exception of referrals for Seniors and Children and Youth in Mississauga/Peel region which can be accessed using the referral forms available here. This is NOT to say there aren’t other excellent resources available in the community, and when an individual or family member’s needs can be better met outside of one of these service providers, one-Link will direct information accordingly.

Will one-Link get me to the services I need faster?

One-Link will eliminate the guesswork by providing an efficient referral to the best Service Provider for you and provide support if there is a wait for that service. You will share your personal story less often and free up time to start working on your recovery goals.

Can I call a Service Provider directly and not go through one-Link?

Every door is the right door for access within our 10 Service Providers. All referrals will be routed through one-Link, and when an individual requests an appointment with a specific agency we will still discuss your situation to ensure it is the right need, and in other situations ensure you get booked for the next available appointment.

Do I have to come to one-Link in person?

You have the choice whether you would prefer your initial appointment over the phone or in person at the one-Link location.  You can expect to be called after we receive your referral to book this initial 30 minute appointment when it is convenient for you. When this is set up we will confirm if you have any specific requirements (such as language interpretation, sign language interpretation, etc.).

What if there is a wait list at the Service Provider you are referring me to?

One-Link referrals cannot place individuals at the front of the line if a wait list for a service currently exists. However, our initial discussion with you will better ensure that you will be listed with the Service Provider that will best meet your specific needs. Most importantly, our one-Link team is trained to stay in touch and provide support while you wait. People who are in crisis will be referred to crisis services immediately.

I’ve been helped by a specific Service Provider in the past and I want to go back to them.

If you have already been helped by a Service Provider who is now a part of one-Link we encourage you to re-connect directly with them to see what the next step is to start receiving supports again. You may also call one-Link at any time and share this information and we will work with you to connect you to what your identified needs are currently.

Does One-Link accept donations?

One-Link gratefully accepts and appreciates donations of all sizes. While One-Link is funded by the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network, donations received are used to provide additional training to the team. Donations are received by Oakville Hospital Foundation. To give please call  905-338-4642 or visit their website